Meeting the needs of all of our clients from a small salon to the largest clinic is our main focus. Therefore, we have for you a wide range of services related to accommodation.

Domain and mailboxes
Digital servitec subscription plans include mailboxes and the domain, which can be obtained by paying annual or one-time fees. See the pricing page of your company's website for more details.

A domain name is the virtual address where users can find a web page on the internet

Domain name

All Digital Servitec web pages come with a unique domain name.

If you have a Digital Servitec web page you will have two options to point to a domain name:

– Connect your existing domain to Digital Servitec for free.

– Buy your custom Digital Servitec domain (15usd per year if you purchase it from Digital Servitec)

– Prices for some country domains may vary according to our associated domain registrars.

your custom domain can be used to create multiple mailboxes (

you get:


Each solution provided by Digital Servitec, regardless of the plan selected, was designed to provide you with high speed, high performance and optimal security.

Cloud accommodation

We are associated with one of the world's largest cloud hosting providers, ensuring fast page loading, minimal downtime, and greater flexibility


We back up all Digital Servitec websites periodically according to the respective pricing plan. There fore, your database will be preserved from any accidental loss. You can also back up your website manually

DDoS protection

A distributed denial-of-service attack is an attempt to suspend an online service by flooding it with traffic from multiple sources. The Digital Servitec code and accommodation will prevent your website from being damaged.

Latest software

We use the latest PHP/MySQL technology and apply best coding practices to ensure the efficiency, scalability and security of your website. With Digital Servitec you will always be updated!

increase security and performance

Protect your online transactions by moving your company’s web page to HTTPS and requesting a dedicated ip address as additional add-ons.

Secure your website with HTTPS


Customer data and credit card numbers are encrypted and cannot be spied on.

Customers know that this is a registered company and that you own the domain.

Customers are more inclined to trust and make purchases on HTTPS sites.

Positive effect on your SEO/Google positioning.

Secure your site with SSL

You can also request another SSL certificate or use your own.

What does it take?

To secure communications between users and your site, you need an SSL certificate that will establish an encrypted link between the server (where your site is hosted) and browsers (clients).

Take control with a dedicated ip


Getting a dedicated IP is the first step to a better and more secure customer experience. It is especially recommended for e-commerce websites with a large volume of traffic daily.


An important benefit of a dedicated IP is the ability to install an SSL certificate on it. Although newer technologies allow multiple SSL certificates to run on the same IP, they are not supported by some older browsers. If these browsers are important to you, a shared IP is not good.


The dedicated IP address also protects your company’s reputation as an email sender. Minimizes the risks of being blacklisted or banned as a result of sending spam from another site on your server.


Enterprise subscribers may consider moving their high-traffic commercial web PAGES to a dedicated server and using a CDN to optimize their load time, performance, and reliability

dedicated server

Want to have all server resources just for you and take exclusive control over the information and media that is accessed, shared, and stored on your Servitec digital website?

Content delivery network

CDN multiplies and assigns its content in many places, providing excellent coverage to its users. Improve page loading speed, avoid server failures, and improve your SEO!

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