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Our intelligent Web Designs are created with the best web development tools available in the market, these will be the ones that will keep your business one step ahead of the competition

Quality in Design

We focus on the quality, simplicity and effectiveness of our designs, paying special attention to the functionality it brings to the page. Quality is our fundamental factor, this coupled with dedication to meet the needs of our customers.

Advantages of a Website

There are many benefits that a website can bring to your business to aid growth. We can only count above some such as: ease of giving answers to customers 24 hours a day, having a functional business without the need for your physical presence, greater exposure of your product or service, unlimited international reach and much more.

Cost savings

You will be able to reduce expenses on payroll, landlines, traditional mail and much more. By activating good web design and web applications related to your industry you will give your business a 180 degree change with respect to the ease with which it is managed, the scope it obtains and the expenses it presents. From this moment only with the internet you will have a direct connection with your clients and a viable, simple and 24-hour business.

Direct contact with your customers

From this moment there are no intermediaries between you and your customers, now you have a page that has a simple design and collaborates so that customers leave their opinions, ask questions, make their appointments and make their purchases directly with you and only through your servers.

Make a good first impression

Key points in a company or business is to make a good impression with your service and your name. Having a domain name that shows seriousness and responsibility is of the utmost importance. At Digital Servitec we check that your name gives security to your public and that your services appear safe in the eyes of your customers and visitors.

For a company to have a website you need to have 3 things:


It is the space used on the disk of a web server to store the content of the web page, the mail accounts, the databases and all the applications you want.


It is the name of the page (www.sucompania.com), which will be unique at the web level. A wide variety of more than 280 extensions available: .com.do, .do, .net, .org, .info, .tv, .name, etc.

Web Design

It is the development work in CMS, HTML, CSS, Java, Javascript, PHP or any other tool which will be composed of all the files, images and design.

We offer you a variety of pre-designed plans for any type and size of business or project. Check our pricing section to choose the one that suits you best. In case none meets your requirements, please contact us or fill out the online application form to offer you the solution according to your need.

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