If your mission is o help and collaborate with society, we can help you. with the pages for foundations of Digital Servitec we offer you to show yor social work online, donate and receive donations in a simpler way.

Amazing features
With the pages for foundations of digital servitec you will have a portal to humanize the world showing your work to the world and at the same time be able to reach more people who need support motivating all those who have the vocation to help


You can store detailed profiles of each of your patients or providers including their contact details and add any notes you want.

Online Profiles

People can register before making an appointment. They will also be able to update their data, verify reservations and communicate with you.

Ease for those who need us

We added a form to your page where people in need will clarify whether it is medicines, care, prosthetics or something else and thus they will get in touch by sending a specific message to your foundation directly.

Donor facilities

We associate the most popular payment systems with your website and we can add other payment platforms. To make it easier for donors to collaborate.

Volunteer system

We have a very specific system for identifying various types of volunteers to help grow that community that collaborates with the underprivileged.

News Gallery

In our pages for foundations of Digital servitec we include a system for the publication of news in which you can share your mission accomplished, deliveries and people recovered.


Perfectly suited for:

Children's foundations

If your vocation and work is for the well-being of homeless and most needy children, with Digital servitec websites for foundations you have the solution

Medical foundations

To help those in need of medicine and medical care you need vocation if that's your case, we're here to help you share it with the rest of the world online!

Animal rescue foundations

Our Digital servitec foundation pages are here to help you with your mission and share a love of rescued and abused pets.

Key benefits


To manage Digital servitec for foundations web pages you do not need to be a web expert, our administration system is simple and perfectly organized


team is here to help you in the creation of your website for foundations. We will guide you on your way and we will be here for you at all times!


You can

update content and images without outside help. Digital servitec foundation websites have an excellent content management system. TEST IT!


We can make adjustments and integrate various applications
on your Digital servitec website depending on your aesthetic aspirations
and software needs.

Quality designs
Select one of our ready-to-use web page layouts, change the color of your theme, and request any additional settings you deem necessary. All pages created by Digital servitec are developed according to the latest technology trends and are fully optimized. In addition, we can deliver unique and personalized projects.


Create your new foundation website!

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