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Digital Servitec is a self-developed commerce website platform that helps your business promote and grow your business online.

More than 50 million Micro, small and medium enterprises from more than 75 business sectors worldwide, need an e-commerce solution.

50% of companies do not have a commercial website.

We have everything you need to optimize your launch in the digital world!

What makes us better?

Before creating Digital Servitec, we knew about the large number of website builders out there, the amazing website templates and the out-of-the-box solutions you can choose from today.

We are aware of our own powers, therefore competition does not discourage us; on the contrary, this encourages us to provide better services.

A business model with growth potential that covers more than 100%




business-centric solutions


everything to suit you

At Digital Servitec we develop e-commerce websites that are ready to launch selected industrial businesses. Every website is highly trained with all the key and functional features of the software to manage your business online.

We offer our customers to update and improve their website with increasing the customer base, services, products and other business factors as this leads them to a greater value of the customer’s time.

We are clear that every business is unique. That is why in Digital Servitec we have left room for your personal modifications in all our websites.

need more information?

If you see pontencial in Digital Servitec and would like to be part of our success, we will be happy to send you all the information you need.

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