Show everyone your experience and your courses. Manage your schedules and your appointments online. Launch your teacher website now fully ready and compatible with other devices!

Surprising features
the websites of gigital servitec for teachers can be used by teachers of music, art, languages, school subjects since they have integrated course programming software.

courses and prices

Add the descriptions, duration of courses and blocked times, create the informative profiles of all your lessons. Set the discounts and prices of your classes.

Online and offline payments

We associate the most popular payment systems with your website and we can add other payment platforms that you also use.


Customize a booking form and confirm by email. Allow your customers to book what they need quickly and easily.

Profiles and online chat

Through the web chat tool integrated into your page, your students will be able to communicate with you, in addition to having the option to review their profiles after they are created.

Student Profiles

Have your students’ contact details and notes on them at your fingertips. View detailed profiles of your students when you need them.

custom class schedules

Configure your availability for meetings by specifying break times and particular days off. You can also update your schedules anytime, anywhere.


Perfectly suited for:

Private music teachers

Now more than ever the world is handled online. So take advantage of the moment to have a digital presence with Digital servitec's teacher websites you'll have the elegant, representational platform you need.

Art teachers

Your art classes will now be available to everyone both virtual and face-to-face you will be able to offer your services. Booking a class is extremely easy!

school teachers

You are a professional in the art of teaching, you have your subjects organized and your courses ready to teach them. At Digital servitec we will help you digitize.

Language teachers

If you are looking to optimize your virtual classes, sort your appointments and profiles by subjects or languages Digital servitec is here to help you.

Driving instructors

Provide flexible and convenient appointment booking services for your students and in turn organize individual or group theoretical classes all through your digital platform.

Key benefits

No booking fees

We have no hidden fees. The page builders
Digital servitec websites will not charge you for appointments made through your

installation and launch support

team is here to assist you in creating your teacher website. We will guide you on your way and we will be here for you at all times!

simple content management

You can
update content and images without outside help. The web pages for
Digital servitec teachers have a content management system
Excellent. TEST IT!

customizations and add-ons

We can make adjustments and integrate various applications
on your Digital servitec website depending on your aesthetic aspirations
and software needs.

Quality designs
Select one of our ready-to-use web page layouts, change the color of your theme, and request any additional settings you deem necessary. All pages created by Digital servitec are developed according to the latest technology trends and are fully optimized. In addition, we can deliver unique and personalized projects.

websites for teachers

Create your new teacher website!

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