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Each application is a new option to give your customers a better online experience and for your business to streamline its functions and improve its services.

Featured software
If you know what features or software offers you need do not hesitate to send us your request and we will be happy to adjust and quote the service you need. If you still don't know which app to choose from our page and review the ideas we give you that will make a difference.


Simple blog software so you can create and manage your own blog yourself.


You will be able to publish blog texts and media.

Your readers will be able to leave comments on your blog posts.

Your visitors will be able to share posts that you like or interest in your blog.

Creates a list of prohibited words.

Organize your items by groups or categories.

Rich text editor to manage blog posts.

Readers will be able to vote in blog publications using a five-star system.

News WidgeT

Include a News Feed on your website, keep your content up-to-date, and your users informed with the latest developments in your business.



Use predefined document templates, individual customers, and contact details to generate standard documents.


Ticket support system.

Drive customer service more easily and intelligently through a table system.


Star rating tool.

Allow your customers and website visitors to evaluate your products, services, texts or images according to their experience. Make your Page more interactive.



Add a visit functionality to your website. Get your customers and visitors involved in your activities and leave your opinions or ideas.



If your goal is to know what people think about a specific topic or product, use our survey software and create your own online surveys.


Calendar of events

Add an event calendar widget to your website to show and share events with your target audience.


Callback widget

Make it easy for your customers to contact your customer service by adding a callback button.


Make an offer widget

Let your customers make negotiations with you and provide suggestions on the price of your products and services.


Store or office locator

Show Google maps your store or office locations and give your customers the convenience of finding stores near them.


Interactive floor plan

One of the best ways to view your properties or facilities with our interactive sheet viewing software.


Knowledge base creator

Enter a knowledge-based section of your website and show your customers the easiest and most correct ways to use your products or services.


File sharing software

Secure and easy-to-manage file sharing with customer communication tools. Share and exchange files with your customers.


Fundraising widget

If you want to raise funds for a good cause you’re defending use this fundraising widget to help you automatically with this topic.



Let your visitors communicate with each other, answer and ask questions, so you’ll create a community around your website. Add a forum section to make this possible.


Product comparison tools

Make your customers live a better experience and give them an easier way to buy their products and services.


learning management system (Course Plugin)

Include this plugin on your Digital Servitec website if your goal is to create or sell courses and see how your site will transform into a simple course sales machine.

Tool to work the SEO of your page

This tool will help you analyze the pages of your website and increase traffic to increase your ranking in search engines. This plugin helps to highlight the main keywords on a page and ensures that it is used in the correct way.


Complement to manage the sale of virtual products.

It is a WooCommerce based WordPress plugin to help you create an online marketplace or store. With this plugin, you can create a multi-vendor marketplace where multiple store owners can add and sell their products.


tool to organize your team and your projects.

It is one of the most sophisticated task management tools and projects in WordPress. With all the advanced features of this to-do organizer, you can create, organize, and assign projects and to-dos faster than ever.

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